How to get into an Agfa Optima xx35

I was always wondering how to open that one. At last I had to try because mine had an intermittent problem with switching from wind to rewind mode (you know, there's this ingenious knob to switch between then, which allows the camera to live without a rewind knob or lever).

First time I didn't get the trick, but one dreary saturday afternoon in november with nothing but rain outside, I decided to take another look.

I made it this time, and here's how I did it. That the following text is written in imperative does not mean it is an order, or even a guideline. I just found the plot a little weak for a short story and wrote a recipe instead. If you want to do the things I did, it is completely at your own risk to do so.


So take a look at the lens:

This was the easy part. In two minutes you will curse the Agfa engineers for making it necessary to readjust focus every time you disassemble the camera.

So here's the tough part:

That's about it. Take off the metal shell and admire the huge amount of plastic. To me as an owner of mostly 1970s cameras it was surprising that alle those little levers and pinions can actually be made out of plastic, but so it seems to be. Lighter fluid seems to do no harm, anyway.


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